The Role Of Community Gardens Function With Health, Food, And Communities

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The Role of Community Gardens How Do Community Gardens Function with Health, Food, and Communities Mariana Gozalo Virginia Commonwealth University Abstract Community gardens have been becoming more popular throughout the years because they provide fresh produce to the population of close neighborhoods. They are able to give the less fortunate access to healthy foods, and able to donate produce to food pantries. There have been studies that research how communities’ gardens have impacted local neighborhoods and communities. Because of the previous studies, a random sample of neighborhoods, and communities will be taken from selected random community gardens in Richmond, Virginia to assess their garden and see which aspect of it really influenced the benefits the most. They will be given a questionnaire, and to compare their health and crime rate before and after a community garden existed in their area. It is expected that communities that have more active participants have better health, and in areas where there is community gardens, there is much more less crime. Keywords: Community Garden, Health, Food, Neighborhood, Crime Community gardens are pieces of land that are gardened by groups of people to provide fresh produce and plants. They are usually developed in communities that have unused land, and for people to grow their own fruits and vegetables. Community gardens benefit the public of lower socioeconomic status neighborhoods in many
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