The Role Of Dual Citizenship In The Democratic States

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Introduction In recent multicultural and globalized age, the number of immigrants tends to increase in many countries because many countries authorize right opportunity to their citizens to emigrate from their original birth countries to another. As consequence, the idea of citizenship became controversial subject by politically and personally perspective. Furthermore, dual citizenship was a disputed question within citizenship policies. In addition, Pogonyi (2011) claimed that from the nineteenth to half way through the twentieth, dual citizenship failed to be accepted by political policies, and also it was considered as political conflict compulsion. However, in recent decades citizenship policies of many democratic states have become widely incapable of adopting the changes and accepting dual citizenship. Pogonyi also argued that diffusion of the dual citizenship is often regarded as the …show more content…

The permanent residents in a country, who have particular duties and rights as full member in political community is, define as citizenship (Masilamani, 2015). Furthermore, the citizenship indicates that the comprehensive rights and privileges for citizens in modern nation state. The first concept of citizenship in modern society was made in early age by liberal thinker. During the historical evolution, the various groups of laborers, female, and blacks challenged against old concept of citizenship. The modern citizenship concepts, which was recognized by liberals were only applied for man’s right, and excluded the rights for laborer and minor groups in actuality. In addition, the limits of the old liberal citizenship concepts differed from over time. The contemporary concept became more flexible and open depends on political, cultural and social circumstances, which complements the limits in old concepts of liberal

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