The Role Of Engineers As Managers

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Executive Summary

The purpose of this case study was to review and analyze the role of engineers as managers, showing clear understanding of the planning processes managers in today’s industry use and to distinguish the different types of organizational planning processes commonly used. It was also given to evaluate the characteristics of effective management control, including elements of operations and financial control. In this particular case Chatime a globally established beverage franchise specializing in Chinese tea is looking to grow and extend to a wider target audience which would ultimately increase the chains profits and the company’s reputation. Currently Chatime has set their strategic goals and are aiming to become ‘the Starbucks of tea’ (Head office of Chatime). They have captured the Australian-Asian community and now hope to expand into a wider range of people who appreciate good tea. Since first opening in 2009 the franchise now has over 43 outlets which demonstrates the business has effective management and very effective financial control with a profit of 8.5 million in 2012. With correct organisational planning Chatime has the potential to reach its strategic goal. For Chatime to continue to grow to be a sustainable competitor in the beverage outlet industry multiple sources of advantages need to be acquired by the business to help promote the company’s growth and reputation. By understanding the risks involved in this process, managers of the company

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