The Role Of Gender, Individual Trait, And Emotion

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The role of gender, individual trait, and emotion in response to advertisements using violent vs. non-violent images and messages to promote mediated MMA consumption.
Sang Yoon Ryu

Over the past few decades, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) industry has dramatically increased (Kim et al, 2008; Lim et al., 2010; Damon et al, 2009; Andrew et al, 2009; Kwak, & McDaniel, 2013). The sport exceeded boxing and wrestling as the preferred combat sport among young people (Lafayette & Hibbered, 2006). The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), which is the most popular MMA-promotion company in the MMA industry, has successfully arrived at media-consumption by the pay-per view and being shown in the prime time on TV. It also has expended their …show more content…

For example, Sargent et al. (1998) found that males are more enjoyable for combative sports (e.g., boxing, karate, football, ice hockey) since males assume attracted to violent and aggressive exposure. On the other hand, female preferred stylistic sports (e.g., gymnastics, figure skating, and tennis) since females seem preferring elegance of athletic displays.
Some research also indicated that individual differences (sensation seeking; SS) can be variance on the consumption of televised sports (McDaniel, 2003; Zuckerman, 1988; 1994). The perception of sensation seeking, which is a biologically determined personality, was related to optimum stimulation level (OSL) and optimum level of arousal (OSL) which helps explain media consumer behavior characters like media consumption and content preferences (Kassarjian & Sheffet, 1991). Sensation seeking suggests that a demand for stimulation and arousal explain individual’s preference, and react to media violence (Goldstein, 1999; McDaniel, 2003; Zuckerman, 1988; 1994). High sensation seekers (HSS) prefer graphically violent content (e.g., Aluja-Fabregat 2000, Aluja & Torrubia, 1998; Schierman & Rowland, 1985; Greene & Krcmar, 2005). In addition, sensation seeking was positively connected to violent combative sports (e.g., boxing, karate) for both males and females. Therefore, we can estimate that HSS are more interested in violent image and message of

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