Roles Of Higher Education Essay

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t is the role of higher education institutions today? Create A Quality Workforce By Growing, Training, And Attracting The Finest Talent- Higher education will be a dominant, if not decisive, factor in preparing workers with the robust skills needed to adapt to changing job requirements. Support Current Business And Industry- Current business and industry receives support through the customized services offered by higher education. As technology and the economic climate change, higher education can be a valuable resource to businesses in some ways e.g- training, assessments, employee skills Improve Learning And Teaching From Pre-School Through Graduate School- Higher educational institutions work with P-12 schools to help prepare students with the increasingly higher-level skills needed to obtain and retain employment. Preparing sufficient numbers of students can be challenging, Take Strong And Visible Roles In Regional Initiative- Higher education, with its networks and linkages throughout the region and state, is uniquely positioned to convene the necessary representatives from the diverse government, business, education, social, and civic groups and to serve as the third-party, neutral catalyst to create the collaborations needed to develop industry clusters. Disseminate Research And Promote Technology Transfer- Research and practical, application-based technology are needed to create sustainable economic growth. Research conducted by higher education enhances

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