The Role Of Information And Communication Technology Essay

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It is commonly assumed that Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is currently at the core of most reforms related to the teaching and learning process in North African countries which aim to better equip the next generation with 21st century skills. The challenge of setting up second-generation educational reforms requires a myriad of time, structure, and resources. Driven by a will to enhance educational performances and embrace the digital world, the Ministry of National Education (MoE) in Algeria introduced a new reform program in 2000. Outlining a through plan to underpin the creation of higher educational and technological competencies, for greater accountability and with a vision for increased sustainability for the country. However, the analogy between the use of technology and pedagogical purposes remained considerably disassociated which further widened the gap between the desired outcome and the designed policy (Navia and Velasco, 2003).

This essay will critically discuss the internal and external factors that led to the education reform of 2000 in Algeria. It will then move on to highlight the key barriers. Finally, a set of ideas will be suggested for possible actions in the future.

Contextual Factors Influencing Curricular Reform in Algeria It has been commonplace to distinguish between "outside" and "inside" factors (Fullen, 2001) of new policies in education. On the one hand, it is reasonable to say that the first is mostly related to the

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