The Role Of Native Americans In Colonial America

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During the early colonial period in America, new American settlers did not get along well with the Natives. The Native people gave the American people many problems when they came to settle in the New World. Most of these problems included the Natives capturing Americans and keeping them as hostages during the wars. Depending on the reasons why these Americans were captured and who captured them, depended on what kind of experience these Americans would have during their captivity. The Americans experiences would also depend on what gender they were and that would determine how they were treated and what role they would play in the tribe. During the early colonial time, there were two important American settlers named Mary Rowlandson and …show more content…

After her capture, she was used as a slave for a chief named Weetamoo. While she was a slave for Weetamoo, she had many horrible experiences with him and his tribe. These experiences were due to her gender role as a woman. The natives treated woman with little to no respect, usually denying them food and shelter, like in Mary Rowlandson’s case. Because Mary had all these bad experiences with the Natives, she began to call them savages and tell how awful they treated her all because she was a woman. Like Mary Rowlandson, James Smith was captured during a war between the Natives and Americans. James Smith was a part of a wagon trail building team along with three-hundred plus men. The wagon trails him and the other men were building, were used for them to travel to their American tribes during the wars to trade and have shelter. While James was going through the trails to check on some of the group members, he was captured by Natives. Like Mary Rowlandson again, he was one of the only ones on the trail building team to survive as a hostage. James Smith was very lucky to be spared, because Natives thought that white men should be sacrificed and die when they are captured. James’s life was only spared because he made it back to their tribe without lagging behind. This meant a great amount to the Natives, therefore, they made James into their own and initiated him into their tribe with what he thought was cruel

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