The Role Of Normative And Non Normative. Normative

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I find it hard to imagine what my life will become in the future. As people age, they move into different social roles that provides them with multiple identities. These transitions that we go through tend to be linked with age, in the sense that as a society we expect something called “age-norms” which refers to the idea that there are appropriate ages for making these various life course transitions. There are two types of transitions, normative and non-normative. Normative is when something happens that is expected like starting to drive or having a high school graduation, where non-normative is unexpected such as death or winning the lottery. Throughout this paper I will focus on what I want my future to look like, and I will look at what I can currently do to help make this happen. I will also look at my past transitions in life to show what has led me to be the person that I am today. While I find it hard to think about my future, I do know that I want to live a healthy, active and meaningful life until the day that I die. While our life course can be unpredictable, we can still set goals that we want to accomplish. I already know that my central sources of meaning will be my family and friends. When you age, having interpersonal relationships like family and friends is key to happiness and having meaning in life. Normality will also be something I will still want to be seen as a normal person, even though I have aged a bit. They way that we perceive young and old is
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