The Role Of Nuclear Energy

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The Role Of Nuclear Energy In The World. Not long ago, the words "nuclear energy" and "scientific and technological progress" merged into an indivisible whole, and there was a lot of reasons for that. Young industry stimulated the development of a number of new directions in physics, chemistry, and biology. Moreover, it opened very bright prospects of solving energy problems, primarily the replacement of traditional fuels with something fundamentally different - compact, "smokeless" and, most importantly, virtually inexhaustible. That is why nuclear power immediately received prioritized development in many industrialized countries. If we carefully examine the list of the world 's energy sources, it is easy to find that nuclear energy is …show more content…

Even though uranium is presented as the “new green” the hazards exist and the Fukushima disaster that happened not so long ago the world was reminded of just how dangerous this type of power can be. The scientists have come to full understanding of the process of nuclear fission in the 20th century and by today the techniques involved have been thoroughly researched. So the possible impact done to the environment can be predicted and calculated before the nuclear power plant is even built and governments building it understands the circumstances surrounding such a program.
Fig.1: The Chernobyl disaster was one of the most devastating nuclear disasters in the history of the mankind.(Sergei Supinsky/AFP/Getty Images) According to the Energy Committee there are six key issues in regard to the use of nuclear energy: safety, nuclear waste, non-proliferation, fuel availability, life-cycle analysis and economic competitiveness. As history shows the issues had been discussed since the first usage of the reactors. In 1972 Professor Alfven has published a very thoughtful article, where he expresses his opinion “. . .fission energy does not represent an acceptable solution to the energy problem. It would place an unendurable burden on the safety and health of future generations”. He was later supported by Professor Edsall in a letter regarding the problems of the nuclear energy. Edsall suggested to use fossil fuels for the time being and focus on improving

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