The Role Of O & H Circular Enterprises Limited Company Organizational Structure

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O & H Circular Enterprises Limited Company organizational Chart Top Management Positions Chief Executive Officer (CEO) – This individual will be the driving force behind the company; the CEO (Otto Max Hoffmann) is involved with the planning, coordination and execution of tasks by putting together the resources to support the company and take the product to the market place. Chief Operating Officer (COO) or General Manager – This individual is responsible of the company operations to flow smoothly and economically. This includes that any necessary work is done properly and on time. Marketing Manager – The individual in this position must have both marketing and industry experience. Chief Financial Officer (CFO) or Controller – This position combines two roles into one. The responsibility of one role is to seek cash; …show more content…

Because some personnel will undertake several positions, below is a description of the duties and responsibilities of each of the positions. As the business grows more staff personnel will be hired. Key personnel of O & H Circular Enterprises Limited and their duties include: Operations manager – This individual is the leader for the operation and has overall responsibility for the financial success of the company. The operations manager manages external relations with various entities such as lenders, community leaders, vendors and etc. This individual also is in charge of either production or marketing for the company. Quality control, safety, environmental manager – This is an important function. The individual will be responsible for and overseeing that the operations are in adherence with the Tanzanian laws and regulations as well as international standards, such as monitoring air and water quality, product quality, training of employees in each of these areas and filing all necessary monthly, quarterly and annually

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