The Role Of Power For Private Gain As Defined By The United. Nations Development Programme

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Background: Corruption is the use of entrusted power for private gain as defined by the United
Nations Development Programme (UNDP 2008). This research studies the effects and consequences of corruption in the Nigeria health care system. Like other sectors in Nigeria, the health sector is not immune from corruption and this is because of the high demand for health care services which has enormously created opportunity for individuals in health care delivery to manipulate the system to their own advantages at the expense of the general public or consumers. The gap that this has created has made it difficult for targets and health care priorities to be met due to the administrative distance between governance and social …show more content…

Health care delivery corruption in Nigeria prevails because there is no compliance to the rule of law, the administrative system in Nigeria lacks transparency and trust, also the public sector which could have acted as a check and balance is ruled by ineffective civil service codes and weak accountability methods (Husmann, K. 2011).

Causes/Manifestations: Nigeria health system information is asymmetrical in nature and is susceptible to corruption because large numbers of care givers see this as an opportunity to create systemic hindrances and therefore discourage transparency and accountability. It was even argued that consumers not only suffer the consequences of the infected system but also help to encourage the corrupt system, it was reported that some patients believed that one cannot obtain high quality health care unless one is socially or relatively connected to a health care worker, if not, one has to pay a bribe as an incentive to receive health care from caregivers that are trained and paid for the job. This has created a social norm in which bribing is deemed to be legitimate (Adegboyega et al 2012).
Another cause of this social norm is uncertainty regarding real projection of who will fall ill and to allocate geographically types of illness associated to a region. This makes it difficult to allocate resources adequately to

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