The Role Of Segregation In Education

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Brown v. Board was a court case brought about by Oliver Brown in 1954. Segregation in America was hitting its climax during the Brown v. Board period (Govenar, 2007). Brown’s daughter, Linda Brown was denied access to Sumner Elementary School, which was an all-white school (CNN Library, 2016). Brown v. Board’s case disagreed with the Plessy v. Ferguson decision that schools could be “separate but equal,” and still constitutional. Brown believed segregation was unconstitutional and schools would never be equal. Brown took his case to the Supreme Court with leader of the plaintiffs, Thurgood Marshall. The final decision was segregated schools were unconstitutional and violated the 14th Amendment. The court inserted a new 14th Amendment that provided equal public schools (McBride, 2006). Although schools were integrated physically, the students were remained segregated. Schools are still segregated today, concluding Brown v. Board did not solve school
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Brown v. Board of Education failed at completely removing segregation in schools because after the decision to integrate schools, white children protested against integrated schools, black children were escorted to schools to stay safe from white students, and segregated
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