The Role Of The Labour Party In Western Australia

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Labor is a political party in Australia that has had over half the Prime ministers of Australia so far (15 out of 29). Labor is in the government in Western Australia, Victoria, South Australia, Queensland, ACT and the northern territory. Labor is opposition to Liberal party for the political office at the state and federal levels. Sinise 1921 Labors objective has been democratic socialization of industry, production, distribution and exchange, to the extent necessary to eliminate exploitation and other anti-social features in these fields. Labor has always aimed to “Promote equality to involve the people of Australia in the decision making of our land and to liberate the talents and uplift the horizons of Australian people” said Prime Minister Gough Whitlam The current leader is Bill Shorten and past leaders are Kevin Rudd (2013 and 2006), Julia Gillard (2010) and Kim Beazley (2005).…show more content…
In the 1890s, trade unions seeking a political voice and an increase of influence in government after the failure of the shearers and maritime strikes, formed the Australian labor party with the goal of changing the British parliament to represent the interests of
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