The Role Of Women During The Society

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The role of women in society has been constantly changing to meet the times, especially in family settings. In patriarchal societies, women took subordination and secondary roles in heterosexual marriages (day 35 family.) The man of the household was the breadwinner and in charge of everything. Women, who in ancient societies and historically were, and are still considered in some countries, the property of the man, on the other hand, were to do all the labor in the home and take care of the children if there was any. This has been in many ways the standard for a family in western culture for a very long time. In recent years, this idea has begun to change. The “standard” nuclear family of heterosexual married with children under 18 now only account for 5% of U.S. households (day 35 family.) Before diving to deep, it is important to note that marriage, and family dynamic in general is an incredibly deeply rooted institution. Marriage was originally a business transaction. The women was seen as property that the parents, but mainly the father because most if not all the power in the family was held by him, traded off to the soon to be husband. The remnants of this can still be seen in modern wedding ceremonies when the father “gives away” his daughter to be married. This isn’t the only one, other wedding traditions or rituals also show this power dynamic. The bride wearing the traditional white dress is to represent her virginity and purity. Engagement rings are to show that

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