The Role Of Women In The Middle East

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Upon review of Western opinion regarding the Middle East, there seems to be a number of inconsistencies. The United States during the Bush administration seemed to be invested in women’s rights in Iraq and Afghanistan right up until it was decided that the invasion of Iraq was more beneficial to the United States’ own agenda. During the invasion, violence and even death, but never emancipation, was the new fate of the women in those countries.
Following the invasion of Iraq, the economy and political structures were left in shambles. This war cost Iraq billions of dollars and when the economy took a hit, the first to feel its aftermath were women (Davis 2016). The destabilization of the economy ensured that women would be forced back into …show more content…

The global marketplace though is causing a shift in such roles. Globalization is encouraging nations to enter into the international arena as actors. In the case of Qatar, political leaders have recognized this and began to encourage women to receive education and become involved in the labor force (James-Hawkins et al 2017). The government has passed legislation such as the Civil Service Act of 2001 and the 2014 Labor Laws to ensure equal rights across genders in the work place (James-Hawkins et al 2017). Yet one of the problems governments who are trying to implement empowering policies for women, they are also encouraging those same internal conflicts.
Future for Women To begin the conversation about the future for women, we must be sure to include religion, government, and social and cultural factors in the discussion. Under the political sphere, nation-states will need to continue to urge women to become active in the political scene which may result in cultural conversations of being more accepting of women in the public sphere. By involving women in the political leadership, it will have influence on the future of women and quality of ongoing democratization within the region (Moghadam 2014). In countries like Tunisia where women were present in four high commissions in place to run the country as of 2011, trends will follow

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