The Role of Effective Leadership

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Leadership cannot be conducted alone needs partnering, and partnering is one of the important key point for leaders and followers to transcend interests and facilitate the public good. Leadership is about principles and principles form a foundation that people anchor themselves with passion to initiate action and driven an effort or organization toward a common vision. Leaders should consider a wide range of policy goals; they also should consider a wide range of options to achieve the goals. When making decisions a leader quickly learns that one size does not fit all. Rules are leaders tools and they can be excellent tools for achieving a variety of important goals.

Leadership in teacher education and the university in general has been observed in recent years. Universities and their component schools are not always saw it as a common good for a couple of reasons. Leadership is one necessary ingredient to reconcile these issues. Leadership is fundamentally necessary for the teacher education and university to gain the confidence of the community they serve, by actively working toward a shared vision aimed at the common good. This work requires leaders who are willing and able to engage societal issues in the context of the overall mission of the school and the university. Additionally, this work requires that the university understand both community needs and the capacity of the community to help address its own needs with the assistance of the university, its schools,

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