The Role of Human Resource in Healthcare

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Introduction Human resource department is significant in the health care industry. This is because it necessitates the delivery of quality health care from a consumer perspective, physicians, regulators, employees and payers. It is vital that human resources department gives room for working closely with all parties in the organization. This ensures that the health institution becomes successful. The department works closely with all employees to assist a person to understand their responsibilities within the organization. The department assists the whole organization to work together in accomplishing the general objectives of the organization. Role of Human resource in Health care The significant role of the department is to find qualified candidates for various positions in the health care institutions. They work efficiently and closely with candidates as well as training, them on the responsibilities that individuals are required to carry out hence ensuring that they comprehend their job description (de 1989). The moment an individual starts working health institutions, the department evaluates one over a given period to ensure that one fulfills the stated duties for the health institution. This evaluation continues as employees multiply each year (Uzych 1991). The health care industry experiences several challenges, from economic pressures as well as regulatory compliance issues. This comprises of industry consolidation, and lack of qualified professionals. The
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