The Roles Of Women In France During The Age Of Enlightenment

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Women have made many advances when it comes to the way they are viewed in society. They have made great leaps and bounds when it has come to their role in society. Women were once viewed as a means to just procreate and give the world more men. Now they are able to obtain jobs and become world leaders. However, this accomplishment took a long time to obtain. In France during the Age of Enlightenment, women had a “proper” role in society. Young girls received an education if their family had the means, however this education only included certain things for the delicate sex. All women who have received some education are able to use with discernment every expression devoted to painting, sculpture, architecture, and letters . These ladies were allowed to receive just enough of an education when they were younger to help them look respectable in society. They were allowed to know the basic things that were needed in order to obtain a proper marriage. However, even certain art forms that young ladies were educated on were forbidden. Some countries where certain arts, such as the sculpture or painting of animate beings, are forbidden by religion . This shows that even the things that women could do were forbidden in certain countries by religion. Women and religion have had a very intense history together. Women have been persecuted because of religion and their different views on things, specifically when it comes to how much knowledge women should have and the roles they

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