The Rosetta Stone By Thomas Halloran

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The Rosetta Stone
By Thomas Halloran

The Rosetta Stone was a crucial part of deciphering hieroglyphs for mankind. The Rosetta Stone is a large piece of dark grey granite. The Stone is three feet nine inches long and two feet four inches wide. The stone approximately weighs a massive 1,680 pounds. Carved by the Egyptians in 196 B.C., the Stone contains a portion of text reflected in three scripts. One of the scripts, Hieroglyphs, had not been deciphered when the Stone was discovered. The other two scripts are Demotic and Classical Greek. Demotic is a language spoken by the Egyptians used in the Nile Delta. The Stone was discovered by the French at the end of the 18th century. The Rosetta Stone was the key to translating the
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Through their whole life time, they would go by a nickname. If someone knew a person 's true name they would gain magical powers over that person. This is one reason why when rulers of Egypt took the throne they had their name changed. The afterlife was important to the Egyptians, therefore the burial was important to them also. Some citizens were cremated and some were mummified. The Egyptians mummy was created to retain the body of an individual making it so the soul could achieve immortality.

One of the few technological advancements of the period was the papyrus,of which the English word paper, comes from. The ramp and lever were also developed by the Ancient Egyptians. A British anthropologist discovered objects in an ancient childs grave appearing to be used for bowling, so it is possible that they developed the sport of bowling. They were advanced in working with glass and metals such as, bronze and gold. Aswell as their precision and beauty when it comes to architecture. They valued personal appearance and hygiene very highly. The Ancient Egyptians regularly bathed and scented themselves in perfume and other incense. They created cosmetics for both men and women. The Egyptians lived in a modest house, raised a family of their own, and liked to relax when possible. Although a difference between Egyptian culture and these other lands was that, they thought their lives were sewn together
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