The Russian Federation Broke Down Essay

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The Russian Federation broke down as an independent country on December 25, 1991, giving Russia the voice on an international level. The country is comprised of 83 state like constituent entities of Russia, which includes 21 republics, 46 oblasts, 9 krais, 1 autonomous oblast, 4 autonomous okrugs, and 2 federal cities. Boarding European and Asian countries as well as the Pacific and Artic oceans, the capital city Moscow is located on the west side of the country close to Ukraine and Belarus. The ethnic Russians have a similar appearance to Poles, Ukrainians and Slovenians, with predominantly light skin, thin lips, narrow brows and broad-tipped, protruding noses. Russian hair color is typically ash brown or dark blond with either a straight or slightly wavy texture. The growth rate for Russia has started to decline from last year at a negative 0.06 percent, from the birth rate (11.3 births/1,000 population) being less than the death rate (13.6 deaths/1,000 population). The density of the population is around 23 people per square mile, making it the most sparsely populated countries in the world. As it stands in the year 2016, the population is currently around 143 million spread out mostly in the western area of Russia were the capital Moscow is and most of the government is located. Religion is mostly centered around Russian Orthodox (15-20%) and Muslim (10-15%), with Christian coming in only around 2 percent. Moscow the capital city has hundreds of churches and dozens of

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