The Collapse Of The Soviet Union

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The collapse of the Soviet Union ended one era of American Security Concerns, but it gave rise to another more extensive era. This era would be marked by concern over the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction throughout former Soviet countries and other unstable nations. Every president from George H.W. Bush to Obama would mark this issue as a key threat to the nation’s security. The true question is what would each of these presidents do about the threat. Since World War II the United States has filled the role of the “global police” opposing injustices and neutralizing threats throughout the world, and the threat of devastatingly powerful weapons falling into unstable hands could be treated no differently. With this in mind …show more content…

On one side are those who favored using the military option in lieu of diplomatic relations; this group includes Vice President Chenney, members of Congress and the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. Their opponents favored using diplomatic outreach, sanctions, and other non-military means to bring about change in Iran. This side consisted of the Department of State, the Department of Defense, and the U.S. Intelligence Community. The author believes that the efforts of the aforementioned group persuaded both administration to pursue a non-militaristic approach in their dealings with Iran.Mr. Oren’s believes that the collective works of the State Department, Defense Department and the U.S. Intelligence community were able to silence the voices of war and provide a better alternative.
Any political decision in the United States eventually enters the oval office and it was here that Mr. Oren presents his first piece of evidence. Mr. Oren states that the showdown between ideologies began between Vice-President Cheney and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice who disagreed as to what the proper response in Iran should be. Cheney had always maintained a hard line stance in foreign affairs and Iran was no different. Secretary Rice favored the use of diplomacy to achieve a resolution in Iran. Mr. Oren states that, “Cheney’s influence on policy, which was

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