The Safety Of Alcatraz In The 1920's

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It was in the 1920’s when crime was at an all time high. Prohibition was the cause of a major wave of crime. Super gangsters were shooting on the streets and could not be contained in regular prisons.So Homer.C.Cummings had to stop this mayham and buit this super prison Alcatraz for super crimminals. This prison couldn’t be like any other. Alcatraz needed to condense the prisoners from the society .So Cummings decided to build the prison on a rocky island miles away from land. The surrounding water was frigid year round and had strong currents. But thats not all Alcatraz had major security. With included 3 guards for every prisoner,machine guns,tear gas, and microphones placed everywhere for guards to overhear any conversation.It also included tough disipline so that every time a prisoner would talk they would be thrown in a dark concreate room for days apon days. The guards family also lived on the island for maximum security …show more content…

Riots began and guards were killed by the prisoners. These were only some of the many things that made people question Alcatraz’s safety.
There is many other reasons why alcatraz final closed . One of these are that prisoners were escaping with only spoons. The salty air was deteriorating the concrete walls. Prohibition finally ended so there wasn't much need for holding super criminals. The big tough building was falling apart and called for big bucks to repair.
Alcatraz was a super prison that protected the 1920’s and had to be closed But had to be closed. Alcatraz still has used to this day. Now it is a national park where you can take tours of the building and take a fairy back whenever you want to

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