The Salah: One of the 5 Pilars of Islam

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Ritual Analysis The Salah is one of the 5 Pillars of Islam, signifying it as a key element of Islam. It is practiced throughout the Muslim world in various contexts (alone, in a group, various countries). The Salah is a very ridged and structured ritual that Muslims do multiple times a day. The Salah is a vital ritual in Islam; the layers of meaning that I will be discussing are integrating worship into daily life, submission to God, establishing a community of followers, and finally the implications Salah has when practiced in foreign environments where people are less familiar with the ritual.
As the Salah is performed 5 times a day, it effectively incorporates God and prayer into the daily lives of practicing Muslims by requiring them to worship and reflect upon God as their creator and judge. Apart from the frequency of prayer, the Wudu, required cleaning of one’s self before the Salah, further reinforces the importance of not only the ritual, but of God as well (Masjid). Muslims regard this divine interaction with so much reverence that they ensure their bodies are physically clean before showing their devotion to God. This intense connection between a Muslim and God is repeated to ensure that every part of their lives is holy and mindful of God. Salah is a disassociation from daily, profane activities to stand in front of God ("Religion of Islam "). With this, one may also reflect upon the nature of God as supreme creator and judge.
A central component of the

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