¬¬¬The Sanitary Era Is One Of The Main Movements Responsible

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¬¬¬The sanitary era is one of the main movements responsible for a great part of the commitment towards public health (Hamilin & Sheard, 1998). Numerous problems existed prior to the implementation of public health measures, such as clean water, proper sewage and waste disposal, and proper animal carcass removal. It became clear to a few members of the public health community that changes needed to be made for the betterment of the lives of those living in the late 1800s. The changes made required time to implement and people who believed that many were suffering and dying from preventable diseases. Most of the sanitary era movement took place within England and the United States during the nineteenth century. Within the sanitary era, …show more content…

Ensuring a clean environment, one that is free of filth, would lower the number of deaths towards avoidable infectious diseases. The maintenance and assurance of a clean environment became more difficult as the city moved towards urbanization. As more people demanded more of the environment, pollution became more prominent. Public health problems emerged through the lack of sanitation, and influx of filth from the increased population. As mentioned previously, one of the main public health concerns focused on a population of individuals that lacked access to clean water. One of the main assessments on sanitary conditions outside of the United States took place in the nineteenth century, when the discovery of how diseases spread was beginning to come into the light. In England, cholera outbreaks led to the deaths of thousands of people, with the cause of the disease a mystery. As a result, John Snow, another individual practiced public health, and who believed in the contagionist theory, began to observe cholera, particularly its pathology, and believed cholera entered into the body through the consumption of water (Snow, 2002). Snow then observed were those who had died of cholera had obtained their drinking water, and found the source of the cholera contamination to be from a

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