The School Of Wives By Moliere

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This paper will present an analysis of The School of Wives by Moliere (Jean-Baptiste Poquelin). The Schools of wives mocks men and their fear of being made weak. The main character believes men are naturally smarter by women. This forces him to commit most of his time in working on how to create an ignorant woman. Molière’s’ The school for wives once appeared as a Christmas novelty. It is a play that has comedy. In this case humor was used to pass a serious message. Taking care of our servants is passed to us in a humorous way. Also treating our wives more than just objects used humor to pass the message to us. The title leads us on what to expect. The central situation is arbitrary and jealous lovers. The circumstances have given all …show more content…

The character of Agnes develops as the comedy continues. In the first scene she was not educated and was an indigenous maiden. The influence of love later changed her. She later became intelligent and logical. At the end Agnes falls in love with another person. She does not fall in love with Arnolphe as he had expected. Horace is the young man who Agnes falls in love with. He is the son of Oronte who is a longtime friend to Arnolphe. Horace plans to elope with Agnes. He is ignorant of the relationship she has with Arnolphes. He decides to ignore the plans that Arnolphe had of marrying her. Alain is the manservant of Arnolphe while Georgette is the maidservant of Arnolphe. There is also Chrysalde a friend of Arnolphe. He is the one who tries to warn Arnolphone of his plan of marrying Agnes not succeeding. He is the uncle of Agnes. Enrique is the father of Agnes. He is the brother in law of Chrysalde. Arnolphe returned home after a ten days absence. At that time he had renamed himself Monsieur de la Souche after a tree stump on his estate. Chrysalde has some opposing opinions including the change in his name. He warns him about the longtime plan of marrying Agnes. The main character, Arnolphe was a middle aged roué. He arrived at a conclusion that after having a long experience of womankind. He believed that ignorance is the best way to safeguard the honor of a woman. A woman should not be a fool as this will lead her

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