The Science behind War

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The science behind War As we all know war has been amongst us since time ever began. It has been around when the first creatures were developed and learned how to survive. And as humans evolved over the centuries, we came to realize this theory we call “war” is actually a natural thing. And we then classified it as violence or as the survival of the fittest. And now in modern thinking and technology, we are now able to find how the human mind came up with an idea such as violence. How humans first used violence for survival then it turned into strategies then from there came with the inventions of weapons. Firstly what is violence that causes things as war? Violence comes in the amydola, a part in the brain that deals with emotions. It is what gives you the urge to do something in that quarter of a second between the event and the response. This at the same time causes increases blood flow to the frontal lobe, that part of the brain is over the left eye, this area controls reasoning. The blood flow and reasoning balance each other out, this is what makes you think twice before throwing something or hurting somebody. Our brains when angered quickly translates complex information into simple “right” or “wrong” terms. Evolution is the key to violence and war. The first recorded war occurred in 2700 B.C. it was between Sumer (modern Iran) and Elam (also Iran) fought in an area around Basra (Iran-Iraq). There have been fighting for thousands of years before that, it
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