Should Christians Be Allowed In Scripture?

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As I saw from Scripture all the different places that Christians in the Bible gathered together, I came to the conclusion that the reason why God doesn’t go into much detail about the place where they gathered is because He’s not interested in buildings, He’s interested in people. He’s interested in what people do, not what people use to shelter themselves. There are so many instances in Scripture about where they met, but that’s all they are: instances. It is a guaranteed fact that when Paul (or whoever else) went to a place and shared the gospel with them, the new believers supernaturally wanted to be with one another and therefore gathered together. Whether it was in a house, synagogue, or somewhere else, Paul’s (and God’s) thrust of …show more content…

I’m sure this has happened (based on my couple of years living in the “Bible Belt”), but I personally have never seen this: someone who is pro-building sit down with someone who’s not and calmly, kindly, and lovingly share with them from Scripture that they should meet in a church building (not be in a ministry or be with other people, but the actual building) because it’s what Jesus wants them to do. After reading and studying about the church, I can only imagine the kind of reasons and arguments the person would give them. But, I’ll say it again (and probably many more times), if you truly have a conviction from God to be in a church building and can see from Scripture that that’s where you need to be, by all means do it and stay there! I can also see this situation in reverse where a person who is pro-house (or anything other than a building) sits down with a pro-building person and tries to argue their point from Scripture. Yes, granted, there is a lot more Scripture evidence that believers in Paul’s day met in houses, but is either a point to fight over and say that either could be sin? This is where tension can build between people, but is this the underlying issue to why people behave this way to one another? As I was continuing to look at my church and deconstruct the issue of the church building, I saw that it wasn’t about what Scripture said for either pro-building

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