The Secret Anne Frank Essay

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The Diary of a Young Girl documents the story by Anne Frank that talks about her life before and during hiding from the Nazi. She talks about the inhabitants of the annex, listing her mother, sister, father,a dentist, and family “friends” as others living in the Annex. They were Jewish and were being persecuted by the Nazi. To escape them they went into hiding, but they never expected to stay in there for over two years. The abhorrent situation in the Secret Annexe caused the inhabitants to suffer through emotional and mental challenges which ultimately affected them both positively and negatively. Going into the annex Anne was naive and acted like your average thirteen year old. Movies, , boys, and ect. were things that worried Anne. …show more content…

She felt that everyone in the annex would constantly criticize her. She would be called “childish”. Otto Frank said that they thought they could live in peace and silence but that turned out to false because they had not thought about “ how many difficulties would arise due the combination of characters and opinions” (Frank 1). Anne frequently clashed with the women and stated she “never wanted to be like mummy, and Mrs. Van Pels”(Frank 147). She thought that they never really became their own independent person and pursued their passion, and that made Anne mad and frustrated, Despite all the madness, the experiences in the annex brought them together in the end, and it made them toughen up. Her biggest critic was herself and eventually what the others said about her did not matter. There were bigger problems on Anne’s mind. She had hope for the future and she had plans to become a writer. Anne took her writing seriously, after hearing she could become famous if she survived to publish her work. Due to the severity of Anne’s seriousness on writing in her diary , she often fought with Fritz to sit at the small table in her room. It angered her that he considered her passion of

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