The Security Of Information Security

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This document is only a brief synopsis of the ever-expanding and demanding field of information security. It contains explanations, screenshots or visual cues, and tips on multiple subjects such as system defenses, reducing vulnerabilities, and the presence of malicious threats. Smaller areas, such as vulnerability assessment and penetration testing, are also covered because they are very significant in the security of information. While vulnerability assessment is a necessity, penetration testing is purely an option to the security engineer.

What is Information Security ?

Information security is often defined as the security or assurance of information and it requires the ability to maintain the authenticity of the information. The three common components of information security are confidentiality, integrity, and availability and they form an essential base for the overall picture of information security. Confidentiality is perhaps one of the most common aspects of information security because any information that is withheld from the public within the intentions to only allow access to authorized individuals is confidential. Encryption is often used to maintain the confidentiality of information as encryption is one of multiple methods of access control and Microsoft BitLocker is an example of access control-encryption feature. Although TrueCrypt is no longer a secure method of protecting data, I will discuss it further in the

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