The Segregation Of Black Soldiers

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While the emancipation proclamation was created to mainly announce the solidarity of the Union against slavery, it also became a symbol of hope for black people, who for many years were subjected to the maltreatment and prejudices by their fellow man. This was evident in the inequalities of black soldiers within the Union army, in which it was still commonly complacent during the Civil War. The Union’s practices of denying black soldiers the opportunity of a commission as an officer, paying them less than their fellow white counterparts, allowing them to face harsher treatment as prisoners of war and most profoundly was the segregation of black soldiers from the rest of the Army; were just a few incidents that gave proof that African Americans were still not considered an equal. During the Civil War, inequalities of black soldiers within the Union army were still commonly complacent. Even though the emancipation Proclamation was signed, the Union army still engaged in the discriminative practices of denying black soldiers their equal rights. One such practice was the denial or refusal to allow a black soldier the opportunity to lead fellow black soldiers as a commissioned officer. During this epic time of history, several requests were made by prominent black and white officials to the Union government to disband the practice of barring African Americans to becoming officers and allowing them to lead an all-black regiment. One such request, was a petition to the

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