The Segregation Of The Jim Crow Laws

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The loud chatter of the audience at the old Park Theater in New York was for a one man show performed by Thomas Rice. To the all white audience, Jim Crow was vigorously funny. Clothed in a stable boy costume and a straw hat, his white face darkened by coal in a behaviour recognized as “blackface.” He danced and sang and even spoke in mockery of the black slang. He portrayed blacks as ignorant, greedy and foolish. Even though his act was for entertainment purposes, Thomas Rice implied through his act that African Americans were purposeless. This encouraged people to be less compassionate towards African Americans and these feelings eventually created what we now know about as the Jim Crow Laws. The Jim Crow Laws were a system of laws that …show more content…

The few African American doctors that existed were not allowed to practice medicine in hospitals run by whites. In the south, African Americans were not allowed in the white hospitals, while in the north, the whites had separate wards for African Americans. This inequality created by the Jim Crow Laws prevented African Americans from being accepted in society, and from living their lives in freedom that derives sufficient healthcare. The health care system of American society is not favoured into the social injustice and different forms of inequality that negatively affect the lives of African Americans. The United States healthcare system has been and continous to be afflicted with racism. During the Jim Crow era, racism within the medical fields was apparent. African Americans have always been victims of discrimination in the healthcare fields of the American society. Before the civil war and the abolishing to slavery African Americans had to rely on their masters for health care. It was not uncommon for plantations to have their own hospital organized by African American women who were well-informed on illness and healing. Other slave owners had contracts with physicians to provide healthcare for the slaves. Even though African Americans were given health care, they however did not receive the same quality of treatment given to the whites. In response, the Freedmen 's Bureaus medical department; which was

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