The Sephim Lord: A Short Story

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"I'm so sorry." Tears rolling down pale cheeks, falling onto the ground while watching the youngest son sleep peacefully. Finger tips running through his black hair, softly but carefully. Farkas watched every one of her moves━he hasn't left Raziel's side ever since that accident. The wolf serves as Raziel's eyes ever since he lost his own eyesight and Mimi can't feel anything but guilt. "It should have been me, not you." Azphel tries to damage Mimi since years, but since he is not allowed to hurt her directly he damages her kids━with and without help of others. The Sephim Lord didn't hesitate to take Titus' wings━one of the reasons daevas are looked up to, something they need━neither did he hesitate to take her youngest ones' eyesight,

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