The Set Point Theory : A Natural Weight Range

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The Set Point Theory: A Natural Weight Range

Many scientists believe that adult individuals have a “set point” or predetermined weight set by genetics. Researchers believe one’s set point is determined at conception. The theory is the human body has a weight range which it is genetically predisposed to maintain. Altering one’s body weight higher or lower seems to be very difficult for most without drastic and continued lifestyle changes. The purpose of this research paper is to review, challenge and determine the concept of the “Set Point Theory”
What is a “set point”?
According to information on the set point theory from The Center for Health Promotion and Wellness at MIT Medical, “the set point theory was originally developed in 1982 by Bennett and Gurin to explain why repeated dieting is unsuccessful”. The set point theory is based on the concept that one’s body maintains its weight and body fat levels with an internal regulation, similar to that of a thermostat. This said internal regulation system helps to regulate the body’s fat content, fighting to maintain a given weight. The set point theory examines why adult body weight stays relatively consistent over time unless drastic lifestyle changes happen. “The set point theory hypothesizes that the body has an internal control mechanism, located in the lateral hypothalamus of the brain, that regulates metabolism to maintain a certain level of fat” (Dishman et al, 2013). Much like that of body temperature and

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