The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People

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The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People When facing a problem, human nature looks for a “quick fix.” Whether it is the latest diet fad or a get rich scheme, almost all “quick fixes” produce the same short-lived results and often no results at all. As a society, we are drawn to the appeal of a quick and easy route which leads to immediate results. We have grown accustomed to an easy lifestyle that uses superficial tactics when interacting with others. The problem with these quick fixes is that they deceive us into believing it is possible to avoid going through the natural process of work and growth, an essential process in order to change. These quick solutions not only try to cheat the system, but also cause us to lose touch with …show more content…

However, that did not stop him. He worked in Decon that summer for my father’s company handling machinery, which was quite dangerous. While the job had nothing to do with his major, mechanical engineering, he continued to try and use this opportunity to learn as much as he could about the company while getting some good work experience. Impressed by his work ethic, the company told him that he should definitely try to apply for an intern position the following summer. Despite the unfortunate conditions, my brother did not complain, but instead tried to remain positive and make the best of the whole situations. His experience showed me that even if we cannot control the situation we can control how we react to it. The second habit, “Beginning with the End in Mind,” was by far the most inspiring and meaningful habit of all. This chapter began by telling me to imagine my funeral and to imagine the significant people in my life in attendance and what they would say about me. While the text portrayed a morbid scene, the visualization exercise was extremely powerful. The exercise made me think about what I want people to remember me for, what accomplishments I want to have completed, and what kind of impact I want to have on the people around me. While thinking about what I want to have completed during the course of my life, I then began to question whether or not the things I am doing today are helping me to reach my

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