The Seven Strategies For Positive Behavior Essay

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The classroom is a room that is organized, decorated, full with desks, tables, chairs, computers, blackboards and pictures, letters and procedures posted on the wall. Research of positive action utilizing the seven strategies, make learning relevant, create a code of conduct, teach positive actions, instill intrinsic motivation, reinforce positive behaviors, engage positive role models, and always be positive. The U. S. Department of Education’s What Works Clearinghouse review these studies and recognizes that positive action is the only character that produce positive effects on academic and behavior” (Allred, 2008).

The government, the department of education, administrators, politician, and the community as well trying to improve student learning and student proficiency by using effective classroom management. They have work together through research to find ways that are more effective outside and in the classroom. We will discuss the seven strategies for positive classroom behavior by (Allred, 2008): 1. Learning is Relevant: 2. Code of Conduct: 3. Teach Positive Actions: 4. Instill Intrinsic Motivations: 5. Reinforce Positive Behaviors: 6. Engage Positive Role Models: 7. Always be Positive.

1. Learning is Relevant:
There are numerous of factors that the teacher can use to make learning interesting and has a purpose and a meaning to why the child is not outside playing. According to Sara Briggs, (2014), research

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