The Siamese Revolution And Animal Farm

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The Siamese Revolution and Animal Farm Thailand has gone through many revolutions and rebellions, but one that stands out would definitely have to be the Revolution of 1932. That revolution in particular seemed to have started it all, from the many different constitutions to the different government phases. The Revolution of 1932 -also under name of the Siamese Revolution, Promoters Revolution, and many other names- in specific got rid of the absolute monarchy rule Thailand was previously under, and changed the country’s name of Siam to Thailand. In comparison to the book Animal Farm, these two revolutions have more differing situations than similar situations. Previous to the Revolution of 1932, Thailand was known as Siam and was under an absolute monarchy rule. Their long era of absolute monarchy was ended on June 24 ,1932. Although most absolute monarchies do not have many positives, Siam did have some positive happenings while under absolute monarchy rule. They had been able to preserve their independence when it was threatened by the British and French colonial advances in Southeast Asia. That had happened while Siam was under rule of Chulalongkorn. Siam was also able to gain spoils of war from being involved with World War I during the rule of Vajiravudh. Siam’s last absolute monarch was King Prajadhipok. In 1926 one of his policies was to decrease the annual salary of bureaucrats, causing dissatisfaction for those affected. According to the Peace and Conflict

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