The Downfall Of Communism : George Orwell 's Animal Farm

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The Downfall of Communism
George Orwell is the author of the novel, Animal Farm, which is an allegory for the Russian Revolution. An allegory is a story that uses characters or events to represent ideas. Animal Farm can be read as a fable of talking animals, or as a history book. Animal farm is full of information, you just need to reach out for it. Orwell wrote this to tell people the effects of communism and how it affected the Russian people. This event was a huge movement in the history of Russian society; and the first step in creating communism in Russia. George Orwell’s Animal Farm was a satirical allegory, presented in the form of a fable, which was meant to criticize and …show more content…

Jones”.(6-5) Many people had biased opinions about Stalin, to a point that no matter what he did, they loved it. With all the power that Stalin acquired, he started to change. Stalin started to steal food for himself and the other members of his team. This lead to millions of Russians starving from working all day with malnutrition. Stalin then started to execute “enemies of the people”. (2-11) Stalin killed 21 million during the Great Purge. (2-6) During the Great Purge, Stalin killed anyone who defied him or questioned his philosophy. For example: Trotsky was a Russian politician who threatened Stalin’s rise to power, so he exiled him using force.(2-14) Stalin died on March 3, 1953.(2-17) Lenin is represented by Old Major in the story Animal Farm. Old Major is the oldest pig on the farm, who had a dream that all the animals could be free of humans. Old Major’s vision was the same as Marx’s.(3-2) Lenin said “We will overturn Russia,” and he stuck to his word.(3-1) The Russian government is represented by farmer Jones. The animals had to meet in private, so Jones would not know.(8-8) The animals in Animal Farm overturned Jones by rebelling and throwing him out. So the animals created Animalism which represents the newly formed U.S.S.R. Lenin was against religion at all cost. “Lenin banned religion, killed priests, and tried to destroy the Orthodox church.” (3-4). An assassination was attempted on Lenin’s life in 1918 but failed. He was severely hurt by two bullet

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