The Siege Of Aleppo And Aerial Bombardment By Bashar 's Allies Essay

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‘Establishment of Khilafah on the method of prophethood is an obligation upon the Muslims collectively in any circumstances – and its absence is not merely the sin of the generality of its neglect, but the absence of the specific method for the Islamic rule that solves these problems….So, never rest enjoining good and forbidding evil on rulers who could act but choose not to. Call for replacement of the existing system and rulers and the establishment of Khilafah Rashidah, working with those who work collectively to make such a change according to the Prophetic method. Then raise your hands and ask Allah for help.’

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by the images that circulate on social media, too horrific for any regulated website – by the sheer scale of the suffering and injustice.

The Siege of Aleppo and aerial bombardment by Bashar’s allies are ‘excused’ by the stories of Isis’s actions – despite the fact Bashar has magnitudes more to account for. The horrors of the genocide and ethnic cleansing in Burma/Myanmar, and the deathly silence from the ‘international community’. The conflict in Yemen – where the oppression by one faction is replaced by oppression from another. The Muslim refugees entering Europe risking life and limb on dangerous seas; exploited by racketeers; blamed by politicians, despite the images of their dead and orphaned children.

People can despair when they feel unable to help – and no one voices their concerns. They either don’t know what they can
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