The Signal Corps Basic Officer Leader Course As A Potential Pilot Organization Essay

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The United States (U.S.) Army has a reputation of being one of the best leadership institutes in the world. A sense of structure, organization, and a variety of unique challenges contribute greatly to producing quality leaders. However, the Army is not consistent in producing quality leaders because it does not have a comprehensive assessment and feedback system. This paper focuses on the Signal Corps Basic Officer Leader Course as a potential pilot organization to test a comprehensive leader development and evaluation system for further application across the U.S. Army. The paper reviews the essential elements of leader development evaluation, a proposed system for assessment, a practical method for gathering and analyzing data to evaluate those assessments, and potential implications for other U.S. Army organizations.
U.S. Army personnel often refer to poor leaders as “toxic.” These types of leaders either lack the social or emotional intelligence necessary for the position, or demonstrate some other shortcoming such as a lack of competency, which directly affects the unit’s command climate and overall performance. Studies show that poor leadership reduces soldier effort by 48% and work quality by 38% (Vergun, 2015). “Work quality” equates to key combat readiness factors such as soldier performance in their occupational specialty and equipment maintenance. Reduced unit readiness strikes at the core purpose of the U.S. Army, making “toxic” leadership a major concern for

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