The Significance Of Adolf Hitler And Anti-Semitism In Germany

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Hitler’s leadership was significant because, Hitler took over Sunderland. Hitler remilitarized Rhinelands with the SA. Hitler used propaganda to encourage anti-semitism in Germany. Hitler’s way of thinking made him stand out because he was a racist and because of how he was looked as. Hitler’s influence the Collapse of peace. Adolf Hitler was breaking the rules and remilitarizing Sudetenland and took over rheinlands because The Sudeten Germans made increasingly bold demands from the government. When the demands could not be met they insisted that they were being persecuted. In July 1938, Hitler promised Britain's Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain, that he would not invade Czechoslovakia if he were given control of the Sudetenland. The reason he remilitarized Rhineland he claimed the treaty was hostile to them and Hitler used this as an excuse to send German troops into the Rhineland in March 1936, contrary to the terms of the treaties of Versailles and Locarno. He had the SA with him to help him in the war, the SA was a secret army. Hitler seized Czechoslovakia on March 15,1939, in defiance of his promises given in Munich, and Prime Minister Chamberlain, who had championed appeasement before, decided on a policy of resistance to further German aggression. In 1938, Hitler and the Nazis made their move. In 1939, the Germans began the quest for Lebensraum by invading Poland, a non-German land, with the goal of expelling the native population and settling Germans in
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