The Significant Causes Of The Industrial Revolution In The 19th Century

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Imagine living in the era where we had to make our own goods by hand and grow our own source of food with or without a job in the United States. Between the 1600’s throughout 1900 the United States went through the industrial era, which is when business and labor was booming causing for America to grow rapidly. During the Civil War the Union armies needed supplies such as boots, uniforms, weapons, and transportation while in the South their economy diminished. Therefore, with the Union’s high demand for products, manufacturing companies were increasing, but it wasn’t until after the Civil War when the United States industrialization skyrocketed. Due to the industrial era it allowed people to leave villages and farms to work in factories, mills, mines and railroads then eventually allowing women to leave their homes and work in offices as clerks, typists, secretaries, teachers, nurses, seamstresses and some very few in railroads as well. More so, this opened new opportunities for immigrants to travel to the United States to look for work. At first, majority of the immigrants were Irish or German’s until more immigrants began to come from other countries in Europe and Asia. A significant factor that helped revolutionize the industrial era was America’s drive for being innovated, creating inventions and making discoveries, without any of this many jobs wouldn’t have existed. In the 1790’s the U.S Patent Office only had 276 inventions registered then an increase occurred in the
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