The Industrial Revolution : The Causes Of The Industrial Revolution

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My group consisted of Lane Davis, Riley Bowen and Abby Avin. We researched the Industrial Revolution which took place throughout 1760 to 1840. I found the Luddites an interesting topic because I didn’t know that there were a group of people who opposed the Industrial Revolution. I learned from Riley that the Luddites were a group of people who were against machines of mass production. This revolt of people began with english textile workers in Nottingham, England. The Luddites disliked machines of mass production because they created harder work conditions and lower wages. Factory workers were worth less because the machines could do more work than people and therefore were valued more. The machines increased unemployment. The revolts against the Industrial Revolution started with a man named Ned Ludd. Ned Ludd was a man who destroyed two textile machines out of rage. All other attacks were then blamed on Ned Ludd. Factory owners hired protectors for the machinery. The attacks stopped in 1812 because nots Luddites were caught and hanged or put in prison. The modern day connection that stood out to me is what I researched about the uprising of Artificial Intelligence(AI). It surprised me that the Industrial Revolution occurring today is Artificial Intelligence. I never thought it was getting bigger and I hadn’t realized that similar changes in workforce could be made. People could lose their jobs and machines would take their place, like in the Industrial Revolution.

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