The Six Key Dimensions in Organizational Culture

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There are six key dimensions in an organizational culture: 1. Values are one of the most important aspects of an organizational culture, as they shape an institution's general character. Values like ethical behavior, interest in employee wellbeing, the idea that the customer's opinion is very important, and teamwork can make the difference between a successful company and a failure. 2. Relative diversity is a key dimension of an organizational culture because it promotes the idea that diversity is a positive thing, even with the fact that it is important for a community's members to act in accordance to a set of rules. Many organizations focus on promoting homogeneity and this means that managers often require that employees should wear particular outfits and express particular attitudes. 3. Resource allocation and rewards when introduced, such incentives play an important role in enabling employees to identify behaviors that are supported by their managers. Also the more a company invests in a particular idea, the more certain employees become that the respective idea is valuable for the firm as a whole. 4. Degree of change this concept provides employees with the ability to determine whether or not it would be beneficial for them to engage in certain activities. A company's leaders are likely to feel more or less supportive with regard to change and this gives employees an idea about the company's general thinking concerning reform. 5. A sense of ownership influences
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