The Sleeping Beauty In The Wood 'AndThe Sleeping Beauty In The Wood'

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If one were to be asked about the backbone of fairy tales, an answer would likely include true love. Regardless of the origin, tales from across the world reflect instances of enamorment and devotion, with most providing numerous examples of the bond between family and the lust shared by lovers. In many cases, endearment is the driving force for the actions of protagonists: princes search for their one true love, brothers protect their sisters, and parents dote on their children. While “The Sleeping Beauty in the Wood” aims to support the idea that love and passion are everlasting, it instead imparts the idea that love is a variable entity and not always as transparent as it seems.
“The Sleeping Beauty in the Wood” begins by introducing a king and queen who finally produced an heir after a long struggle. Desiring blessings for their daughter, the monarchs invited all the kingdom fairies to her christening and prepared a magnificent feast with ornate gifts for each fairy. However, a fairy they had deemed missing appeared, and despite the king’s best efforts, felt unwelcome. While the others blessed the princess, the offended sprite cursed the child to die at the prick of a spindle. One fairy was able to alter the spell to make the princess sleep for one hundred years in lieu of death. The sovereigns then banned spindles from the kingdom. Sixteen years later, the royal family vacationed at a country palace, where one matron was unaware of the spindle ban. Upon her

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