The Social And Emotional State Of Good Tv Shows

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Michelle Seiler
Child Development #10

Do you know what your kids are watching on TV these days? My topic is What is the social and emotional state of good TV shows vs bad TV shows. I think my topic is important because TV is very influnetly to children. There are many positive aspects of good TV shows. It can promote early reading, teach songs, and teach good values children need in life. The negative aspects of bad TV shows are that it can teach children bad language, violence, and inappropriate behavior. As a teacher I can encourage positive behavior inside and outside of the classroom.

According to some researchers, studies have found the television program characteristics that have successfully facilitated the social and emotional learning (SEL) of children. Social and emotional learning can teach children how to develop skills in building healthy relationships, make informed decisions, how to manage emotions, it also improves their academic learning and behavioral outcomes for children. According to Mares and Woodard (2005)they have concluded that prosocial TV improves children’s social interactions and well being,has greatly decreased stereotyping and agreession among young children who watch these kinds of programs. The SEL skills where taken from the Illinois Learning Standards for the ages of Kindergarten through third grade. These skills are Social-awareness and interpersonal skills, helping, naming other’s emotions, resolving conflicts without

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