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The social, cultural, and entertainment news around the date of my birth included many top and important releases, a few top hits are still in today. Top songs I got to listen to as a newborn were “I Believe I Can Fly” by R. Kelly, “Wannabe” by Spice Girls, and “Candle in the Wind” by Elton John. In 1973, Elton John wrote the first “Candle in the Wind” as a tribute to Marilyn Monroe. Then in 1997 when Princess Diana died in a car crash, he rewrote it and only performed it live at her funeral (Doyle). Also, Elton John won Best Pop Male Vocal with “Candle in the Wind” in 1997 at the Grammys (Trader 's Edge LLC, Music). Some songs I don’t remember as much are “Can’t Nobody Hold me Down” by Puff Daddy featuring Mase, “I’ll Be Missing You” by …show more content…

A few other shows on TV were Star Trek: Voyager, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, and Homicide: Life on the Street (DMarie Direct Inc.). The year I was born was an exciting year for sports, the Green Bay Packers won 35-21 against the New England Patriots. Also Nebraska and Michigan were the NCAA Football Champions (Pearson Education). A misunderstanding occurred between UC Santa Barbara players and their coach, Jerry Pimm. All of the players voted that their couch should resign, but the vote in turn was a play to get Pimm to talk with them ("Gauchos Mutiny Against Pimm."). Another sport event that happened in 1997 included a new rookie talking too big than what has yet happened. Maurice Taylor, a basketball player, wont back down even though his career just started because he knows that he is able to accomplish everything he is saying (Baker). Fashion statements were divided into two themes in 1997 the minimalism and luxury look. The minimalism was a sense of sophisticated simplicity that most women preferred (Cosgrave). In silk and cashmere, the luxury look was quietly expressed. Also it was common for everyone to wear baseball caps but the way they wore them differed from straight forward to people wearing them backwards majority of the time or even side ways occasionally (Phipps). Entertainment was successful in 1997 and so was the economy. Unemployment rates were 5.4% in

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