The Social Differences And The Educational Level Of My Audience

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Audience: How did you analyze your audience and keep them in mind as you developed your speech? How did your audience respond to your speech? Did you feel you interacted well with them? I took in consideration the age, the cultural differences and the educational level of my audience. Additionally, were the audience looking at me and their facial expressions. The expressions that I received from my audience make me believe that my interaction with audience was good. Topic Choice: What were the issues you considered in choosing the topic? By what process did you decide? My decision was made really quickly because I have notice the fact that despite Islam is the the second largest religion in the world but it still remain a mystery in America. Islamophobia in the media is a huge problem some media mostly cover Islam related topic in a negative light. Thus shape people’s opinion as most Americans do not have contact with people embracing Islam. Some of the causes include the 9/11 attack as some people believe Bin Laden was doing it for Islam. Additionally, the fact that I have to to consistently defend myself when terrorist attack whenever it is made a Muslim. Finally, with all this misinformation how can we coexist in the society and maintain cultural differences? How can respect people’s personal code? For example, why do people care too much about women wearing the hijab, if they feel comfortable with, we should respect it and not judge them. Supporting Materials:
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