The Social Hitler War

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Viciousness exists in all of us. None of us more so than Adolf Hitler. From painter to Furher, he was a twisted man with little more than hatred and corrupt love in his heart. Not to mention, a passion for war. From an early age, Adolf showed signs of violence, as with his father towards him. Even when he grew up and went to Vienna, after his artistic dreams failed and plummeted he wanted a “Greater Germany,” one to be nothing like before in size and scale. In fact, when the chance came for recruitment he leapt at it, perfectly willing to kill for the betterment of his “own” people. Hell, all the organizations and parties were just as they were after the Treaty was signed; meaning they would have had the same influence on him despite. For these teachings not only expanded Hitler’s hatred, it distilled it. No, the Treaty of Versailles did not motivate Hitler; he only used it as an excuse. Hitler did not have the best childhood, as you may well imagine. An alcoholic, abusive dad and five siblings were hardly pleasant to grow up with. Especially when the only thing he loved in his life, his mother, died when he was ten. However, was this really a part of his reasons to wage war? Is it why he could do the things he did? I’d argue yes. You see, the childhood is the most important part of your life. It sets in hard to break habits, personality, fears.. It does a great many things, really. Least of all is to turn a kid into a rage filled human being. You see, Hitler struggled

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