The Social Inequality Of Women And Women

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Power, in its relation to gender, is the main focus of the feminism. Many inequalities exist in society today between men and women at both the micro and macro level. The idea that men and women should be equal in all respects, including economically, politically, and socially equal is at the core of the feminist theory. Generally, feminism describes a society where women are treated differently from men just because they are women. This differential treatment puts women at a disadvantage where they become subordinate to men. With regards to sexuality, men enjoy the power to define the meaning of sexuality, even for women. By sexualizing hierarchy and defining their domination over women as pleasure, men limit the way women are allowed to experience and express their sexuality.
In 2014, Free The Nipple, a film, a movement for equality and a way to empower woman came about. This movement campaigns for female topless-ness to be permissible in all areas that male 's are allowed to be topless, as well as opposing censorship. This movement 's goal is to advance gender equality and to oppose sexual objectification. In an article/ video released by The New York Times,
According to the feminist theory, the feminist paradigm holds that male domination and female subordination is not determined by biological necessity but by structures of power and social convention. It is their belief that females are only subordinate to males because male enjoy more legal, economic, political,…

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