The Social Phenomenon Of Female Juvenile Prostitution Essay

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SAVING OUR GIRLS Nikia S. Gettridge Understanding Prostitution The social phenomenon of female juvenile prostitution is a serious problem that is difficult to understand and troublesome to acknowledge. The fact that young girls are finding their way into the complex system of prostitution is often met with disbelief (OJJDP, 2002). In order to understand prostitution, it is necessary to understand: 1. Lethal gender inequality 2. Incest and other childhood sexual assault 3. Poverty and homelessness 4. The ways in which racism and colonialism are inextricably connected with sexism in prostitution 5. Domestic violence, including rape 6. Posttraumatic stress disorder, depression, mood and dissociative disorders as consequences of prostitution 7. Drug and alcohol addiction 8. The fact that prostitution is a global business which involves interstate and inter-country trafficking as a necessary part of its profitable operation 9. In nondominant states-the ways in which economic development programs erode traditional ways of living 10. The need for culturally-relevant treatment 11. The ways in which diverse cultures normalize and promote prostitution, stripping, exotic dancing, nude dancing, table dancing, phone sex, trafficking, child and adult pornography, lap dancing, massage brothels, and peep shows as prostitution ( Patterns of Prostitution There are three general patterns for “breaking” someone into prostitution: In slave
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